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Nail Drill: Why should you upgrade your mani session?

I know that you've already stopped to think, why you should have an e-file on your mani sessions. And I'll tell you why!

3 reasons you should upgrade your mani set with EMMA Nail Drill:

1. Do you use gel polish, gel builder, dipping powder or acrylic? If the answer is yes, so an e-file is a must have on your manicure! 

I bet you spend lots of time to remove, shape or even buff this kind of nails.

A nail drill will make this job much easier and quick. EMMA Nail Drill is built-in low noise & vibration and its handpiece is perfect to give you the precision that you need when filing the nails.

2. Have ever got dead skin stuck on the nails, difficult to push that can be even painful? EMMA Nail Drill with the cuticle bit can remove any dead skin in a matter of seconds.

Prepping the nails is the key to have a long-lasting nails, cleaning any dead skin near the cuticle area, buffing the nail to remove its natural shine and making the free edge smooth will guarantee perfect finish for your work.

3. On your pedicures, have you experienced to work on thick nails? After apply the polish, err... the look it's so terrible.

An e-file on this case will save your life, helping removing all the excess keratin on the nails. It'll make the nails look delicate and flawless.

Now that you're already convinced to get a nail drill for your mani set, you need to know which bits to choose for each work. We explained one by one here so you can optimise your manicure session! 

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