Carbide EMMA Bits Gold
Carbide EMMA Bits GoldCarbide EMMA Bits GoldCarbide EMMA Bits GoldCarbide EMMA Bits Gold
  • Carbide metal (20 times stronger than steel)

  • 3 Grits (Extra Coarse, medium and Fine).

  • Suitable for acrylic and gel nails. Don't use on natural nails.

  • Standard size 3/32

5 in 1 Umbrella Medium Grit: This unique design allows you to shape and cut acrylic nails, smooth the nail surface, clean under nails and cuticles, and still remove any nail products, ALL in One! 

The Coarseness of this bit changes from the top to the bottom, and better than that, this is designed for both, right and left handed nail techs.

If you're in doubt in which one you choose, this one is your good to go.

Barrel Smooth Fine Grit: This bit is best used to smooth the entire surface and shape the acrylic or gel nail. In the case where there is some unwanted leftover acrylic, it can help remove it. 

Barrel Smooth Extra Coarse Grit: If you want a bit to remove your acrylic/gel product, this is a MUST to compose your bits collection!

Needle Medium Grit: This bit is best used to retouch extra product of narrow corners or small spots.

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