• Keep your nails polished, clean and e-filed whenever you want!

  • 35.000rpm motor built-in Low-noise and Vibration with a stable and ergonomic handpiece for precise operations

  • Compact and easy to use it!

  • Ceramic/Carbide are suitable for shaping, buffing and removing nail products (acrylic and gels)

  • Standard size 3/32

Step 1:

Copy the coupon code below and add it on your checkout
** The discount will only be applied if you select the minimum quantities or more.


Step 2:

Pick your EMMA Nail Drill colour

Step 3:

Make the most of your EMMA Nail Drill by adding the EMMA bits. So much more accuracy and control of every movement! 
- Carbide bits give you a sharper touch and are recommended only on fake/acrylic nails. 
- Ceramic bits have a slightly softer touch and should be used on fake/acrylic nails too.
Pick at least 4 Carbide or Ceramic Bits + 1 Sanding bands from the list below.

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