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So many colours to choose from...

Let's choose your colours!

Step 1:

Copy the coupon code below and add it on your checkout
** The discount will only be applied if you select the minimum quantities or more.


Step 2:

Pick your EMMA Nail Drill colour

Step 3:

Make the most of your EMMA Nail Drill by adding the EMMA bits. So much more accuracy and control of every movement! 
- Carbide bits give you a sharper touch and are recommended only on fake/acrylic nails. 
- Ceramic bits have a slightly softer touch and should be used on fake/acrylic nails too.
- For natural nails, I recommend the Diamond Bits for extra accuracy to work around cuticle areas, and also the Sanding Bands for buffing and shaping your nails.

Pick one or more from the list below.

Step 4:

Pick your EMMA LED Light colour

Step 5:

Pick at least 5 Gel Colours of your preference!

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