EMMA Nail Drill

The one nail tool we all simply can’t live without. Loved by Australia’s nail techs and nail enthusiasts. Built-in with an easy and simple control panel, perfect for beginners! Plus, it’s incredibly powerful. Achieve a flawless nail set from the comfort of your home in no time!

EMMA Nail Drill

  • Adjustable speed up to 35.000 RPM and High-torque

  • Built-in Low-noise and Low-Vibration

  • Forward and Reverse switch

  • Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece for precise operations

  • Hand and pedal control, you choose!

  • 4 Starter bits included for the perfect nail preparation!

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Use it in anywhere!

This is the best benefit of having our EMMA. It's so lightweight that you can take it to everywhere and do gorgeous nail sets with no hassle!

Suitable for all type of nails

From normal to acrylic nails - you can say goodbye to awful and crooked nails!

Buff, Shape and file Cuticle 

Buff your nails, removes dead skin keeping cuticles neat, removes any nail products (gel/acrylic) and cleans under the nail anytime!

Free shipping

You don't have to worry about extra costs. We offer free delivery across Australia and NZ by AUS Post for you enjoy our EMMA ASAP!

Love or get your money back

We're so confident that you'll love our EMMA, that if the product doesn't suit your needs, we'll refund your money.

12 Months Warranty

We cover any manufacturing defects with no extra cost!

Getting your nails done has never been easier! Here’s the EMMA Nail drill, the perfect mani tool to buff, shape, clean your nails and remove any gel and acrylic quickly —and give you a salon-quality finish that’ll be the envy of everyone. 

This E-file is built-in with high power & torque, cutting your nail prep time in half. It features a starter bits kit of 3 diamond bits + mandrel & sanding bands, an adjustable speed up to 35.000 RPM, and a forward and reverse switch. 

Its ergonomic handpiece low heat and vibration system will elevate your mani session and give you the precision that you need!

The EMMA Nail Drill is truly a revolutionary tool that will change your nail game!


Does the Nail drill come with a warranty?

Yes! Our Emma comes with a 12 month warranty, that covers any manufacturer faults. If you are having any issues regarding your nail drill, please contact us at hello@emmanail.co

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouse is located in Adelaide, South Australia. All orders placed before 10:30am on working days, will be shipped at the same day.

Does it come with an AU plug?

Yes, it comes with an AU standard plug.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do! We have absolute confidence in providing you with the best at-home Nail drill in the world. That's why we're proud to offer our 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can read more about it here.

What are the EMMA's specifications?

Material: ABS               

Dimensions: 18.5x9x10.7 cm        

Weight: 1.2kg            

Rated Voltage Range: 100V-110V/220V-240V/60Hz  

Rated Power Input: 35W                                

Output Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Rated Speed: 0-35,000 RPM

Does it have a reverse setting?

Yes, it does! You can switch the direction FWD/REV on the nail drill.

What is the foot pedal used for?

The foot pedal is used to operate the device. First, switch to foot operation on the nail drill and then press the foot pedal down to run the drill and release to stop it.

Do I need any other accessory to use EMMA?

Depends, if you use gel or acrylic we highly recommend you to also get our carbide or ceramic bit.

Does this nail drill have multiple speeds?

Yes! Our EMMA can reach up 35.000rpm. It is very powerful!

What is the bit diameter that fits in EMMA Nail Drill?

Standard 3/32.

How often should I clean the bits and how?

You should clean your bits after each use. To remove debris from the surface either by cleaning with a brush and soap and water, or by immersing in acetone for five to 10 minutes. 

Note that acetone is not a disinfectant; it is a solvent used for cleaning. After cleaning, completely immerse your bits in disinfectant liquid.

The sand bands are single-use, disposable items and cannot be saved or reused. After each use, discard them in a waste receptacle.

To store your bits, make sure they are all dried and store them in its case.

What is the function of each bit?

Do these work for left-handed people as well?

Yes! Our EMMA nail drill is suitable for both left-handed and right-hand. It has the option to change the direction as you wish.

Does EMMA work for acrylic nails?

Yes! Emma can be used for any type of nails, including the natural nails.
But for gels or acrylics I highly recommend you to also get our ceramic or carbide bit. It will save so much time on your mani sessions!

Can I use it on my toenails?

Yes, Emma it's suitable for toenails as well.

Do I still need a buffer even with the EMMA? Or does one of the bits buff nails?

No, you don't need a buffer. With our EMMA Nail Drill your nail will be perfect buffed.

Is it good for refill and removing cuticules ?

Yes, as long as you use the correct bit for it. We recommend you tu use the Cuticle pusher cone. 

Is EMMA good for getting rid of dry cuticles, as well as the white skin around the cuticles?

I would recommend cuticle oil for dry cuticles. EMMA is good for filling the cuticles, though.

Won't EMMA nail drill damage my natural nails?

No, if you start on the slowest speed and with no pressure on your natural nails, you won't damage it.

Can I use EMMA on sick nails?

No. If your nails have any problem, you should go to a specialist to recover it. EMMA nail drill can only be used on healthy nails.

I have acrylic nails and put gel nail polish on top. Would this machine work to take off the layer of gel polish?

Yes, it does! Especially if you get the carbide or ceramic bits. It will save so much time!

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Now Only!

  • Buff, shape, file and... cure!

  • For Pros & Newbies :)

  • Suitable for all type of nails

  • Love it or send it back*...

Now Only!

  • Buff, shape, file and... cure!

  • For Pros & Newbies :)

  • Suitable for all type of nails

  • Love it or send it back*...

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